Property Insurance

Vacant or Unoccupied Dwelling

Vacant and unoccupied homes need insurance protection, too, and Brokers Trust has a selection of coverage made to fit your specific owner’s needs. Whether you are renovating, away for medical treatment, selling, travelling, or more, your home can sit empty but fully protected until your return. It’s the perfect way to be away 100% worry-free.

Unoccupied home

  • Dwellers away for over 30 days
  • Considered unoccupied if immediately suitable for occupation
  • Owner’s personal property remains inside, the utilities are on, and appliances are functioning
  • Home renovation is limited enough that furniture and other personal property can be left behind
  • Owner is on vacation or in the hospital

Vacant home

  • Owners have removed all personal property
  • Utilities may be shut off (property is on the market or being rented)
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