Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Making sure your loved ones are well cared for in your absence is a smart and caring way to provide everyone with peace of mind. Let us show you how to ensure your family has ample funds to pay expenses and enjoy a regular income far into the future. We can also help you leave a legacy to the charity of your choice.

A life insurance policy can also benefit you while you’re still living. Brokers Trust can help you supplement your income, build savings and even help care for a family member.

Choose the life insurance that best suits your unique needs:

Term Life Insurance

We recommend this insurance coverage for anyone who needs high, short-term protection for the lowest initial cost—ideal for people like young professionals just starting a career with larger amounts of debt. Term Life Insurance can be purchased in terms of 5, 10, 20, 30 and 100 years.

Whole Life & Permanent Life Insurance

This insurance provides coverage for the duration of your life with the added bonus of being a tax-advantage investment. As income tax savings accumulate, this can be put towards part or all of your insurance premium. It also provides an additional source of income for emergencies, retirement or estate-planning needs.

Critical Illness, Disability & Long Term Care

At Brokers Trust, we understand the importance of protecting yourself in the event of unforeseen circumstances that may affect your income. That’s why our experts know just how to put together coverage that will provide full protection and peace of mind should you ever lose your independence.

Critical Illness

Our critical illness protection acts as a living benefit, giving you a lump sum should you ever be diagnosed with cancer, a heart attack or any other critical illness.


With disability insurance, you can have your source of income protected if ever you sustain a disability that prevents you from working. These solutions will provide you with reliable funds at a time when you need to focus on your health and family.

Long Term Care

Manage the risk of losing your independence due to an unexpected illness, chronic condition or dementia with long term care insurance – a comprehensive income-style benefit to ensure your care.

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