Group Benefits

Group Benefits

A solid group benefits package is a smart and cost-effective way to hire and retain the best possible employees for your business. Our experts will sit with you to go over your specific needs and create a highly personalized plan—one that can grow and expand along with your company.

Whether you want to cover life’s important basics or explore a selection of extras, our experience has shown that group benefits are key when it comes to fostering employee loyalty.

When it comes to Group Benefits, you’ll receive a full gamut of turnkey services you can count on, including:

  • Needs analysis – a look at what makes your business unique
  • Plan design and implementation
  • Administrative service
  • Claims resolution
  • Renewal rate analysis
  • Cost containment
  • Plan marketing
  • HRIS system

Put your trust in Brokers Trust

Not only does Brokers Trust offer you all the protection and coverage you need, you’ll also benefit from years of experience and profound knowledge of the industry from experts in the field—all based on current industry benchmarks and designed to offer you sound, solid advice. We guarantee you’ll always receive prompt, efficient service in everything we do.

Our team brings over 50 years of experience to build the perfect plan that’s right for you and your employees. Our strategic planning approach ensures your business and employee needs are assessed and a customized plan is designed with flexible benefits. We use multiple insurers and actuarial systems to validate and negotiate rates, while offering full disclosure, detailed customized reporting and dispute resolution—so you can be assured your plan is built to measure.

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