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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Travel Insurance

Well, maybe some of you know these things, but they might be a surprise to many others. Travel insurance can be purchased for a number of situations, including single trips or frequent travel. Policies can also cover trips to other […]

What is Guaranteed Replacement Cost?

Your homeowner’s insurance protects your home against common risks like fire, wind, and falling objects, such as tree limbs. But does your policy provide enough coverage to fully rebuild your home?  With guaranteed replacement cost coverage, there is no need […]

Hail Risks for Homes and Autos

Hail comes in all sizes, ranging from pea-sized pellets to baseball-sized chunks of ice. Smaller hail usually bounces harmlessly of surfaces, but larger hailstones can cause serious damage to cars and homes. Fortunately, your car and home insurance policies can […]

How Does a Car Accident Impact Your Rate?

Car accidents can happen to anyone–even the best drivers. In fact, rarely does anyone set out to intentionally cause a collision or make a driving error that results in injury or damage to their vehicle or someone else’s. Accident or not, however, someone is responsible […]

Home Inventory Tips

Personal property coverage protects your belongings on your home insurance policy. This coverage uses a coverage limit for common household items, often based on the insured value of your home. However, personal property coverage does not specify what you own […]

Questions to Ask Before Buying Boat Insurance

Maybe you’ve just purchased a boat or are thinking about making a purchase, or maybe you’re an experienced boater. If you’re in the market for boat insurance, there are a few important questions you’ll want to ask that can affect […]

How Much Life Insurance Should You Buy?

Most families can benefit from a life insurance policy but knowing how life insurance to buy can be challenging. Rather than picking a number out of a hat, consider using a needs-based approach. A needs-based calculation looks at real-world expenses […]

Trust Plus Launches at BT

Brokers Trust is proud to announce the launch of Trust Plus and the dedicated team. What is Trust Plus you ask?We know small-business clients come with distinct business needs—with this knowledge, we’ve developed Trust Plus—a specialized solution for select commercial […]

How to Get Your Valentine’s Day Jewelry Appraised

If you have big plans to pick out something sparkly and spectacular for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, it only makes sense that you would want to protect your gift from loss, theft, or other damage. Most standard homeowner’s policies […]

3 Ways to Keep Your Smart Home Protected 

Smart home technology has made it easier than ever to control everything from your kitchen lights to your garage door all from your cell phone. But, with all the convenience that comes with the “Internet of Things”, there is also […]

Client Appreciation Giveaway

In the spirit of client appreciation, we’re launching a giveaway – providing two lucky winners each with a $100 pre-paid Visa® gift card! Plus, for every entry, we’ll be donating an item to a local #CommunityFridge.As Autumn brings re-LEAF from […]

Should my home contractor have insurance?

If you own a home, it is just a matter of time before something breaks or needs attention, often forcing you to call a contractor. Most times, the repair or renovation goes smoothly. But what if there is a problem? […]