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When to File a Property Damage Claim

Your home insurance policy covers a wide range of risks, but there are times when you might not want to place a claim. Your policy offers protection against life-changing losses for covered perils, high-impact financial situations in which your policy […]

What Are the Types of Car Insurance?

A car insurance policy can offer one or two coverage types, or it can offer several. And there are also different types of policies, including classic car insurance and business auto policies. Most drivers carry a standard personal auto insurance […]

Summertime Boating: Understanding Watercraft Insurance

When the weather gets warmer, boaters throughout the US and Canada flock to the water. From an insurance and risk perspective, boating shares many similarities with driving, and your boat or watercraft insurance has many of the same features as […]

Brokers Trust Surpasses BT Community Project Goal | 60 Days for 60 Years

Last November Brokers Trust launched our own community giving program called The Brokers Trust Community Project. A program dedicated to ramping up our philanthropic activities this year—to mark our 60th anniversary—and beyond. The Brokers Trust Community Project invited each member of our Brokers Trust […]

Getting Married?

How Getting Married Changes Your Insurance ​Millions of couples in the US and Canada tie the knot each year. The beginning of a new life may also mean big changes for your insurance policies. In many ways, the changes can […]

Decoding Smoke Detector Beeps

Most home fire fatalities occur in homes without working smoke detectors, making properly operating smoke detectors essential. Properly working smoke detectors beep when they detect smoke, of course. But smoke detectors have a language of beeps, with each beep pattern […]

How Do Home Insurance Claims Work?

Insurance claims aren’t a common occurrence for most households, but about 1 in 20 homes will have a claim this year. From acts of nature to unexpected mishaps, every home has risks.  What to prepare beforehand There are some steps […]

Does Credit Affect My Insurance?

Although rules vary by jurisdiction, in many areas, insurers may use your credit score to establish premiums or determine eligibility. The score used by insurers goes by a few names. You might see it referred to as an insurance score […]

What’s In Your Glovebox?

For some drivers, the car glovebox becomes a junk drawer on wheels, filled with things we may or may not ever need but weren’t ready to throw away at the time. Back in the day, motorists used gloveboxes for gloves. […]

Do You Need Life Insurance?

A recent study found that about half of adults had some type of life insurance. We’re about halfway to where we need to be, but there’s also a question about how much insurance we need and what type of life […]

Tips for Insuring Your Home Business

Now more than ever before, people are choosing to work from home or even run a small business from a garage or spare room. There’s a certain freedom that comes with being your own boss — but there can be […]

Tips to Prevent Chimney Fires

When the mercury drops and the days grow shorter, families and friends often gather ‘round the warm glow of the fireplace. But a fire’s comfort can quickly turn to disaster. Fires are among the costliest types of home insurance claims […]