Offer retirement savings that really add up.

Group Retirement

Providing retirement solutions for your employees is a smart, concrete way to help attract and retain a highly talented and motivated workforce. Our customized solutions let you build plans that are cost efficient and can make all the difference when it comes to making and keeping an important hire.

Group Pensions

Group Personal Pensions (GPPs) offer employees a way to build up retirement savings in a personal pension pit. This can add up to significant retirement income as well as peace of mind throughout your employees’ working life with you.

Group RRSPs

A Group Retirement Savings Plan (RRSO) enables you to contribute to your workers’ retirement savings on an ongoing basis. Each employee retains their own account and can invest their own money as they see fit.

Brokers Trust will build a plan for the future you can count on.

At Brokers Trust, we specialize in group retirement services, which means you get only the most up-to-date, expert advice when it comes to offering employees a reliable way to save for retirement. Count on us to be prompt and efficient in all we do, offering you:

  • the use of multiple insurers
  • actuarial systems to validate and negotiate rates
  • full disclosure
  • customized plan design, including flexible benefits
  • strategic benefits planning
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