Specialty Insurance

Personal Umbrella Liability

In a world where lawsuit judgements are increasingly the norm, protecting yourself and your business with Personal Umbrella Liability is a sound way to ensure you can deal with lawsuits brought upon you without losing your savings or company in the process.

Brokers Trust can set up a cost-effective plan that provides you with the protection you need—whether that’s Excess Liability that covers over and above the limits on your primary policy, or Umbrella Liability that encompasses a wider range of areas, such as:

  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Personal Injury Coverage
  • Employers Liability
  • Care, Custody, and Control Coverage
  • Aviation Liability
  • Marine Liability
  • Advertisers Liability
  • Liquor Law Liability
  • XCU Liability
  • Extension of Protection to Additional Insured

Our Umbrella policy also comes with the added benefit of a “drop-down” effect, which ensures the Umbrella policy drops down to become your primary policy should aggregate limits have been exhausted, or if there is no coverage under your primary policy.

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