6 Theft Prevention Secrets Your Truck Drivers Should Know

Keeping cargo secure while in transit continues to be a major challenge for trucking companies worldwide. Despite the ongoing concern, trucking insurance experts agree that there are six security tactics trucking companies can teach their drivers so they can avoid being the victim of a crime while on the road.

While many of these crime prevention strategies are just good common sense, when coupled with a dependable security system, they can go a long way in keeping your trucking insurance premiums affordable.

Start with a Smart Road Plan

Prior to hitting the road with cargo, there are two important areas your drivers should take care of to ensure their safety and security as well as that of the cargo.

1. Outline a road plan. Your drivers should know in advance which stops they plan to make on their way from Point A to Point B. These stops should be shared with your company’s dispatcher and any changes to the plan should be communicated as soon as possible by phone, email or text.

2. Complete all prep tasks. Before driving off the yard, drivers should take care of fueling, showering, eating and resting. Completing these tasks minimizes unnecessary stops that leave drivers open to crime opportunities.

Take Precautions on the Road

3. Drive at least 250 miles before making a pit stop. Evidence suggests that the risk of cargo theft is highest at the beginning of transit.

4. Never share details about your route. Cargo thieves operate based on the information. Give them as little to work with as possible by never discussing your destination, cargo or personal information with people you meet by CB radio. Also, avoid displaying logos for valuable brands that may entice thieves to target your truck.

Take Precautions at Truck Stops

5. Beware of people or activity that seems suspect. No matter how friendly or harmless they seem, do not answer questions posed by strangers regarding your route or cargo.

6. Block access to cargo when taking extending breaks. To minimize the risk of theft, back your truck up next to a building or other fixed object so that your rear doors are blocked or difficult to open.

Theft Prevention and Your Trucking Insurance

By encouraging your drivers to take these six safety precautions, you not only help lower your risk rating with your insurance company, you may also be able to save money with your premiums. For example, thanks to more secure practices on the road, you might feel more comfortable increasing your deductible. Talk to your insurance broker about whether implementing these theft prevention measures makes increasing your deductible a smart option.