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The answers to the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ are provided to assist you in having a general understanding of insurance. Any discussion, mention or display of coverages and products on this website are for informational and educational purposes only, in order to facilitate any conversations you might have with a licensed insurance representative from Brokers Trust Insurance Group Inc.

In the event, there be any discrepancy between the answers relating to certain topics stated within this website, and those as stated in the policy wordings themselves, the coverages outlined in your specific policy wordings shall take precedence.

If you cannot find the answer to your inquiry, please see our ‘Did Your Know?’ section as well. If you still cannot find your answer, please call us at (905) 760-1515 or e-mail us and we will respond to you as well as post your answer on our website. The Resource Center within this website will constantly be updated with new information, please come and visit us again


Question: What does a Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy cover?

Answer: CGL policy covers your liability exposures that relate to the operations of your business. While conducting work, should you cause bodily Injury, Property Damage, Personal and/or Advertising Injuring, or cause damage to your rented premises, subject to conditions and exclusions, your CGL coverage will trigger.  Further, if your completed operations and/or work were to cause damage over a period of time, your CGL policy will also be triggered to cover such damage.  The CGL policy generally does not cover such specific liability exposures as follows: Pollution and environmental Liability, Errors & Omissions or Professional liability, Automobile,  Garage Automobile, Directors & Officers liability, etc.

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Question: Why are property valuations so high?

Answer: Property valuations are generally higher than normal because of the unique circumstances of rebuilding, repairing or replacing property after a loss has occurred. When a claim is made and the insurer is ready to rebuild, repair or replace the damaged property, the process is time sensitive. Expenses to rebuild, repair or replace property generally increase because the process is time sensitive and requires specialization such as restoration contractors. In summary, to repair, rebuild or replace in its entirety or in part, a damaged home, costs more than building a new home.

Question: What is Co-Insurance?

Answer: Co-insurance refers to the process of insuring ones home to its “replacement Cost”. If your home is not adequately insured, then you may be penalized should you submit a claim, thus not receiving the full amount for your loss.  For Example, if “Replacement Cost” of your home is $500,000, but you only have it insured for $250,000, you will only receive 50% of the value of a loss, even if that loss is a small, partial loss. 

Question: What is the difference between unoccupancy and Vacancy?

Answer: Unoccupancy refers to a family (not necessarily all at the same time) that is temporarily away from their home, whether on vacation, shopping, or at the cottage, with the intent to return. Generally, most insurance companies consider a 30 day period of unoccupancy as property being vacant. When this is the case, your insurer and/or broker must be informed; otherwise your coverage may be jeopardized. These rules also apply to secondary residences or seasonal residences. Conditions apply that require a responsible and competent person (you or another) to check on your residence regularly if absent for extended periods of time.

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Question: Who can join a group Home & Auto Insurance program?

Answer: In order to join a group insurance program, you must be an employee or a member of the organization that has subscribed to the group. If you work for a company that does not have a group plan, and you are interested in starting one, please contact our office so you may see the benefits that you can experience. (Group plans are subject minimum number of members of employees)

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Question: Why is business interruption insurance beneficial to my business?

Answer: Business interruption insurance is a vital part of any business to ensure longevity and continuity. When your business experiences damage by an insured peril and/or relies on one larger supplier that experiences a shut-down, your business will suffer. Business interruption insurance is designed to indemnify you for continuing expenses, as well as loss of income during a shutdown. 80% of businesses that experience a large scale shutdown never recover, and end up going out of business. Business interruption can help protect you against such an inevitable possibility.

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Life & Financial

Question: What is the difference between Term Life and Permenant life Insurance?

Answer: Term life insurance is well-suited to meet high, short-term protection needs for the lowest initial cost Permanent life insurance can protect you for your lifetime. There are two types of permanent life insurance—participating life insurance and universal life insurance

Question: Can't I just rely on Employment Insurance (EI) to cover a disability?

Answer: EI will cover a medical disability only for 17 weeks – 15 weeks paid, 2 weeks are your deductible. The maximum EI will reimburse weekly (as of 2008) is $460.00 less applicable taxes. Disability insurance can provide you with financial security by replacing a larger portion of your earnings when an accident or illness causes you to become disabled and unable to work or earn an income.

Question: Isn't Group Benefit coverage too expensive for smaller companies?

Answer: Group Benefit coverage is an investment in both your company and your employees. However, it doesn’t have to break the bank. There are different types of plan designs that can provide coverage for your employees at a cost you can manage.

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