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  Critical Illness & Disability 

Critical Illness & Disability

Critical Illness

What would happen if you were to have a heart attack or stroke tomorrow, and survived? What would happen to your family if you could not work, and these were your prime income earning years? At Brokers Trust Life we recognize that the percentage of people developing Critical Illnesses before retirement is much higher than death itself. For this reason we are proud to offer our client Critical Illness Coverage.

Critical Illness is a “living benefit” that protects you in the event you are diagnosed with a critical illness such as Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke, to name a few. If you are diagnosed and survive a critical illness, the policy will pay out one lump dollar sum, with no restrictions on its use. The best part: if your term runs out and you haven’t been diagnosed, or submitted a claim, 100% of you premiums are return.


At Brokers Trust Life we understand that protecting your source of income, your livelihood, is a major part of a sound financial plan. In such a fast paced world, where unforeseen events could bring your daily routine to a screeching halt, we have the solution to give you peace of mind.

Most of you have disability coverage through employers or the government (Employment Insurance or CPP), however, this plans have criteria and limits on the amount or length of benefit. If you feel at all, like you may not covered properly, a disability policy maybe right for you.

If interested in a trusted assessment of your Life Insurance program, please email our life department, or call (905) 695-5161 or (905) 760-1515 x 204!

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